Integrating Infusionsoft with my wordpress

So, i have a developer currently working on my website’s functionality and i have requested him to integrate infusionsoft with the membership plugin he is using (Membership Pro Ultimate WP). I needed to use a infusionsoft form to be used in place of the plugin’s membership registration form so that infusionsoft can properly record my lead source. Or am i mistaken and it need not be done this way?

Have been using infusionsoft for awhile now but have no knowledge about API and stuff like that. would greatly appreciate some advise. or anyone who can assist me on my site’s integration(job offer! :slight_smile: )
Thank you in advance.

If you are simply needing to integrate, you can add a contact record via the API directly and then use the Funnel XMLRPC service to achieve an API goal in a campaign to trigger related automation.

The important thing for leadsorce tracking in IS is not that you use their form but rather that you get the tracking link from the Marketing → Lead Generation menu and use that tracking link on the form in question (which does not have to be an IS form).

Hi John,

Thank you for replying. i understand the use of a tracking links in terms of CTA clicks and stuff like that. but how do i track “signups” ? how can i use a tracking link on the “form in question”

That will depend upon what you are using for optin’s. Wordpress, clickfunnels, IS forms etc