Infusionsoft WordPress Plugin not tracking referral partners

I’m using the Infusionsoft Wordpress plugin to generate a webform. The webform is the goal in my campaign. The referral partner tracking info is not being passed through to Infusionsoft when someone submits the webform. How can I use referral partner tracking links to track opt-ins that are generated using the Infusionsoft WP plugin?

Hi Geoff,

I am going to speak with one of the developers about this. From what I can tell, the ability to pass referral tracking perimeters isn’t included in this initial rendition of the Wordpress Plug-in.

I will update here, once I get a little more information.

Thanks so much, James. This is a pretty important feature to have for a webform. Meanwhile I switched back to a standard Infusionsoft webform which doesn’t look as good but is at least passing the affiliate tracking through. Looking forward to your update from the developers.

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