Clickfunnels to Infusionsoft Referral Tracking Issue


I’m beating my head against the keyboard.

I have a site set up in clickfunnels, integrated with infusionsoft products but not using infusionsoft order forms.

When purchases come through, they are attributed to the correct Infusionsoft referral partner - sort of.

Money appears in their ledger, the clicks are counted, but curiously, when checking the referral partner activity report, or when checking the link tracking stats within the affiliate login, no sales appear.

Moreover, “ads” or tracking ids, don’t track anything but clicks either.

Again, though, the affiliates’ ledger is populated fully with all the correct sales and upsells transferred in from the API.

In order to get even that to work, we had to add the custom URL stuff into the tracking links by setting them up this way:

I feel like there’s something else I must be missing.

Of course, when speaking to either clickfunnels support or infusionsoft support, I’m referred to the other group, so I’m hoping someone here will be able to help me out.

I’m hoping to get the tracking to fully work, and to be able to use the “ads” or tracking IDs very soon, because I have an affiliate hoping to do a 10-way split test and separate accounts for each split just isn’t practical.

Thank you, talk soon.

@Brian_Perkins do you have a screenshot of what you see under the referral partner activity report?

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