Infusionsoft API Referral Tracking URLs on Clickfunnels

Hi there,

I’m having a strange issue trying to put together the Infusionsoft Referral Partner tracking links onto our clickfunnels checkout pages. Here’s whats happening:

Let’s say I have a page:

I’ve added the URL into Infusionsoft’s “referral tracking links” section and it successfully creates an affiliate url out of it:

When completing checkout, I’m trying to have it go to a second one-time offer page with the affiliate ID populated once again:

What I ended up doing was using the API URL as the redirect link:

But what ends up happening is that the affiliate parameter either doesn’t show up, or returns a value of 0 in the URL:

I’m hoping to make some sense out of what’s happening here so I can have the affiliate ID in the URL across all our funnel pages, and not have to worry about any tracking mishaps that may happen due to no affiliate ID being present.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you, chat soon.

i am looking into doing this exact thing.

any insight or progress?

is the /aff.html url an existing resource within the app, or will it require some level of custom coding to pull any data from the app?

Hey Andrew,
Unfortunately not… The conclusion I came to with my developer was that the cookie tracking “should” be good enough. It’s still a hole, but one that’s not really worth the resources to plug at the moment because of how minor it is.