URGENT: Need help with affiliate tracking

I noticed that affiliate tracking isn’t working, so IFS told me that it’s because I use IFS with LeadPages forms. So they gave me this link to fix the problem, but this is chinese to me: Track referral activity via the API | Max Classic - is there anyone here who can help?

You might consider finding a Developer Partner to facilitate your integration. We have listings in the Marketplace that may help.

Hi, @Milana_Leshinsky,

I’m a developer :wink:

So there are a number of ways and systems that you could be using. Specifically, are we talking about using Infusionsoft tracking links in a Leadpage or are you wanting to actually forward information from your Leadpage into IS with affiliate information included?

Thanks so much John. Problem solved. We had to use Infusionsoft opt-in form instead of Leadpages in order to track affiliate opt-ins. More work, but at least it’s tracking now. The workaround IFS offered is too convoluted for a non-developer.

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