Affiliate links to WebinarJam registration - tracking not coming through

I’m trying to get referral tracking links to pass affiliate ownership through a WebinarJam registration form.

My IFS referral partner link redirects to the WJ registration page. I’ve got WJ and IFS integrated, and the tag I specified in WJ is being applied in IFS. That’s all good.

What’s not happening, though, is the referral partner being assigned to the test contact.

Am I missing a step? How can I ensure that the referring affiliate is credited for a webinar registration?

I tried this:

I set up a new referral tracking link using this format:

But my next test did not create a referral partner on the new contact.

Would it work to use your own registration pages (Infusionsoft forms) and then register them over in WebinarJam via an HTTP post?

That sounds like it would definitely take care of the referral tracking issue, @Greg_Jenkins!

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I tried using the standard format:

It’s tracking the numbers in the Referral partner reports. However, it’s not appearing under the contact’s Referral partner tab. I suspect it will only appear once a sale is made.

Note I am using Everwebinar’s just released updated interface.


No, I’m afraid that if you don’t see a referral partner then it didn’t “take”. A referral partner relationship exists outside of sales and should show regardless of activity (or lack of)

I just updated my article on integrating with WebinarJam through an HTTP post. I learned recently that some of the post wasn’t relevant for folks who bought WebinarJam recently because their interface and API documentation is slightly different - anyway, here’s the article.


Thanks, Greg! Your updated tutorial helped me to make it work. The test contact shows a referral partner attributed, and the WebinarJam registration was successful. BAM!

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This solves the problem if you use an Infusionsoft registration form. Any advice for getting the affiliate tracking to work using the Everwebinar registration form?

@Caelan_Huntress - really glad to hear that! Kudos.

@Laura_Friedlander - sorry, no, I don’t know how to get the affiliate tracking information to pass from WebinarJam>>Infusionsoft. That’s why I recommend using the set-up in the article I posted - this method registers leads directly into Infusionsoft (and preserves the referral tracking) and THEN posts the info to WebinarJam.

It won’t work in every scenario - but it’s the best I’ve got right now!

Gotcha, thanks!

Laura, I tried everything I could think of, using WordPress and webhooks, APIs and javascript, and I couldn’t find any way to track referral partners using anything other than the InfusionSoft webform. It’s the only way to ensure the referring affiliate is tracked with the IFS contact creation that I could find, and I’ve spent all week working on this.

If anybody finds a way around this limitation, I’d love to hear about it.

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I’ve had the same results, @Caelan_Huntress…not just WebinarJam but other platforms that use their own forms. I think your best bet may be what @Greg_Jenkins mentions in his article…use an Infusionsoft form first and then send an http to WebinarJam to confirm the registration. I think he’s updating his article now that WebinarJam has launched their new platform.

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Hi @Cheryl_Hunt - the article should be updated now (I added a section at the bottom), but if you spot anything that I still need to change, let me know!

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Nice, @Greg_Jenkins! I’m sure you covered everything but will take a look. That’s going to be a great help to people!

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@Greg_Jenkins, since @Caelan_Huntress’s issue also deals w/ the affiliate link, if LeadPages is used as the landing page to integrate w/Infusionsoft, are there any special tips for tracking the referral link? If I remember, the Drag and Drop Leadpages don’t pass the referral as well as the classic LeadPages. Any thoughts on that?

Thanks for this. Seems like this method will require using EW’s notifications. I’d prefer using IFS to send the emails, but can’t see a way to get the link to the webinar. Thoughts?

Yeah, you’re correct. What I’ve done is send the original confirmation email from WebinarJam (which includes the “add to calendar” links, etc) and then send the follow up and reminders from Infusionsoft, and reference the original email/link.

I even copied the calendar links (from the sample thank you page they have) and added those to my follow up emails from IS.

Not ideal, but it’s worked for me.

What do you mean by: reference the original email/link.

So, a contact registers for a webinar, and they get a registration confirmation email from EverWebinar (or WebinarJam).

Then, as the event approaches, I send them emails FROM Infusionsoft, and say something like “You should have already received your webinar confirmation and link, it arrived on XYZ date and had ABC subject line…”.