Using an API and referral partners

Hello! I have created a referral partner program, which tracks ticket sales of a live event. The tracking is only needed to see who generated the lead/sale, there is no payments made. We have the link set up with the additional code (e.g., howver the (Example Domain) isn’t pulling the correct affiliate code. we send the traffic a Clickfunnels Landing page, they then select which ticket level they want (no opt in form), and then they order via a Clickfunnels order form, and the order comes up as an API order in our IS system. When i have tested the referral link, it hasnt been able to track who referred the sale. After speaking to IS chat, they said i need to add some code to track the referral in Clickfunnels.

Can anyone help me with this?

You might consider finding a Developer Partner to facilitate your integration. We have listings in the Marketplace that may help!

Can you not help ? I think i just need the parameter code for the Clickfunnels side?

We don’t have any experience on this team supporting Clickfunnel’s setup process, but it appears that there are a few pages in their public documentation regarding integrating: