Tracking Referral Partner Sales

Hey all,

Literally pulling my hair out trying to figure this out all day today…

Sales are coming in from referral partners but the affiliate sale isn’t being tracked for the Referral Partner…

Currently we are using ClickFunnels for the Order Forms and the order data is integrated to Infusionsoft.

The sale is integrated via Zapier and the Order Data is integrated with MyFusionHelper.

The PRODUCT PURCHASE GOAL is achieved in Infusionsoft and the Contact does show a record of payment. However, the Referral Partner does not get credit for the sale.

Here are the current steps:

REFERRAL TRACKING LINK → CF Squeeze Page → CF Order Form → Zapier Triggers Confirmation Campaign Sequence → MyFusionHelper via HTTP Post transfers Order Data and Achieves Product Purchase Goal

I thought the COOKIE Tracks the lead on any step of the funnel?

Hopefully someone can help out with this… seems to be a missing step…

In order for a partner to get credit for the sale, the affiliate code for that partner must be passed with the requests or assigned when the order is created. If MFH is creating the order then I would suggest asking them for specifics about how to get that affiliate code assignment or the commission assignment to happen when the order is created. The only other thing that would prevent it is if the commission structure wasn’t setup correctly.

Thank you John.

This is now resolved! Thank you for your feedback.

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Glad you got it worked out! :wink:

Hey Johann,
Can you advise how you got this sorted? Facing a similar issue here.

Any chance you can post your solution here? This would be really helpful to know since we use CF for all our sales pages as well.

Same problem here - can you post your solution? Thank you!