Referral Partner Click History and Commission


I’ve tried to get this question answered a handful of times but recently the support chat doesn’t seem to know many answers (has support changed recently by the way? used to be really, really awesome on helping out!).

Here is what’s going on:

We have a new program with a new tracking link that allows our referral partners to receive commission on sales.

There are a few referral partners who show commission in their accounts, but the contacts they referred do not show that they clicked the partner’s specific tracking link for this new program. It shows the contact clicked a different tracking link about a year ago.

So my first question is, if these contacts did in fact click this new tracking link, would it for sure show that in the referral partner click history? Or is it possible it would just say “click” with the click date and not list the most recent tracking link clicked (and only show the old link clicked in 2016)?

Secondly, does Infusionsoft award commission to partners based on a previous link click? For example, if Katie clicked Roger’s 2016 event tracking link, and then Katie purchased a completely separate product in 2017 (not using a tracking link), would Roger be awarded commission?

Please feel free to clarify anything – I know it’s a little confusing. Really looking forward to getting this figured out!

Thank you!

Only if you have “Referral History and cookies” enabled…otherwise it will only be applied if a cookie is presented at the time of sale. And obviously the second item purchased must also be a commisionable product.


For your first question, I actually don’t know off the top of my head. It would require setting up the scenario and testing it out …unless the off chance someone here knows.

As an aside, I’m actually going through all of the Referral Partner documentation and updating/correcting content. Once this is done, I’ll ping the trainers to put this on the training road map for Support.

Thanks for your reply!

So you’re saying if I change that to “cookies only”, commission will only be awarded when the corresponding link is clicked? (So our “SCM” tracking link is connected to our “SCM” product. Commission would only be awarded when the “SCM” tracking link is clicked – not when a partner/contact is connected via a different link?)