How to Track Referrals

Hey all,
Just had a quick question. I was wondering if there is an easy way to track who referred customers to me in I.S. I’m aware on how to set the “Lead Source” as a referral, but I’d like to be able to track the name of who did the referring - and if possible how many times that person has referred us?

Thanks in advance for any help.

It sort of depends on how formal you want to get for that, Infusionsoft does have a Referral Partner tracking module that you can configure. It’s for a more serious Referral Partner program, with partners who will be sending you traffic regularly, and in exchange for commission.

If you’re interested, here’s a course that walks you through building out a referral partner program from scratch.

Or, if you want something a little less formal, here are a few resources for “refer a friend” style scenarios.

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Here’s another webinar worth checking out (this one is from Ryan Egan, of

Great resources @Greg_Jenkins. I thought I new the referral program but I can’t seem to figure out how to pay commissions for just a lead that came in via a referral partner. Is this even possible?

Just to be sure it’s not getting mis-understood, @mjfleming, the payout option is not to make an actual payment but rather to simply record that happening for internal book keeping purposes.

So when you select the affiliate and click the actions button and select create affiliate payments…it’s just to register that it’s been done, not to actually make the payment.

@mjfleming - It IS possible to pay one partner for the lead, and a different for the sale, but the commission (for either) doesn’t calculate until a sale is created. So, there needs to be an order in place in order for the commission to be generated. (There may be some work-arounds if that doesn’t jive with what you’re trying to do.)

@Greg_Jenkins thanks. I thought it was possible. Maybe I’m not testing it correctly. Do I need 2 levels on my commission program? Right now I have a program with both lead and sales commissions set but it only pays for the sale. I’ll keep testing. Thanks again

@mjfleming You shouldn’t need two tiers, but you do need to define Lead and Sale Commission in your Commission Program, and then verify that there is a Lead and Sale Partner listed on the order. If there are, are they the same person? Because there is a setting that can prohibit paying a partner twice if they’re responsible for both the lead and the sale. And the partners both need to be added to the commission program that the lead/sale commissions are available in, and the product needs to be added (or part of the default).

So, I guess there are plenty of places where it can break down.

ok…I’m sorry to keep driving on this but I’ve double checked my setup and its still not working.

Here’s my setup:
I have 2 referral partners. Both are apart of the same program w/ a lead and sale commission set. I create a RP link for a web-form and one for an order form and added these links as RP links.

I click a link to fill out a webform for RP1 and it adds the tracking to the contact. Then…I complete and order form for RP2 using the RP link to the order form. The tracking works but the order ONLY has the RP2 set as a sale…no lead RP is set. where did I go wrong?

Hey @mjfleming can you post a screenshot of your Referral Partner Defaults page?

What are your affiliate payout levels set to?

With three partner levels (instead of your one) and both lead and sale checked (as you have it) in the defaults, when I go to setup the referral partner override, this is what I get:

I wonder if this means that lead commission can only be paid/calculated if the sale is processed manually by an internal sales rep? I’ve read this article a dozen times and I’m looking at it differently today (largely because of the issues Mike is having here).


I think that is decided by “Payout Type” just like the other is… I think