About Referral contact details

Does infusionsoft have a feature that helps track the record and details of our referrers? Thanks

Hi @Chrystel_Zapata, Infusionsoft does have a feature that allows for the tracking of referrals. Please see this help center article for more information.

Hi Nicholas,

So it’s not possible for us to have the details of our referrals? Can you suggest something that we can do as an alternative solution to our problem?


Hey Chrystel, Infusionsoft has a native referral tracking component - and it’s not the right fit for every business, but it definitely does the trick for mine.

Here’s a course on this exact topic - I suggest grabbing the Free Trial to see if it does what you need.

Good luck!

because I dont have something like this in my account

It’s a drop down after you go to the CRM > Referral Partners. Here is an image.

Hi Amanda,

What I want to know is how can we count and track the referrals and the referrers? How would we know who referred a particular client? How to track the referrers’ contacts?


You would create the Tracking Links and they are automatically added to the Referral Partner Portal. Each Referral Partner has a code assigned to them which is part of the Tracking link. When someone buys through their link it assigns them as their referral partner.

If the product that was purchased was setup up to earn commission that would be captured in the Referral Partner Ledger.

This Action Plan should help get you started

I mean, when a referrer, refers a client, how are going to keep track of the referrer’s contact details?

Hey Chrystel,

So, the Referral Tracking program is designed for helping keep that organized. The referrer’s information is attached to the contact they’ve sent over, on the Referral Partner Tracking tab of the contact, as well as under the CRM >> Referral Partner Reports.

However, Infusionsoft DOES sell versions of their software that don’t include this part of the application - so if you don’t see the referral partner section in your account, then it either means you don’t have permissions to see it, or you have a version of the software that doesn’t include that particular feature set.

Either way - you may want to hop on with Phone or Chat support just to double check - they’ll be able to help you sort it out relatively quickly!


Hi Greg,

Can you give me full instruction on how to do that? I’m kinda new in infusionsoft. Can you show me how would I save my referrers details and how I can count their referrals.


Hi Chrystel - I can, sort of. :slight_smile:

I actually offer a virtual course that teaches you how the entire referral partner module works, from A-Z. You can check it out here.

But it sounds like you might be looking for someone who can work with you one-on-one to help get this implemented, if that’s the case then I’m probably not the best guy to help - but there are dozens of consultants who would be happy to help you get this set up and running.

I’d recommend posting in the Infusionsoft Open User group on Facebook - just describe what you want to have happen, and I’m sure you’ll get a handful of replies from capable folks more than willing to help.