Setting a "Referral Partner Referral" on a Contact record

There is a tab in the Contact record for “Referral Partner Tracking” where you can add a Referral Partner Referral and the given Referral Partner is set by defualt on new orders for that Contact if their is a commissionable product on the order. (The tab only appears if the CRM Settings → Referral Partner Defaults → Referral Partner Tracking Method is set to “Referral history and cookies”)

Does anyone know of any way to interact with these referrals via API or cookie hacking? I have a client that wants to be able to set a referral partner referral via Campaign, and I don’t see any way of interacting with this automatically within Infusionsoft or via API. The only thing I can think of is to auto-submit a webform with the referral partner’s cookie set on it - but that could easily trigger the bot filter. Any ideas?


So is this a question of how to tell who the contacts referral partner contact should be? ie knowing who to assign the referral to? Or am I not getting the gist?

It sounds like based off of a campaign you are wanting to set who referred a person. If this is correct we strongly discourage submitting forms through scripts as this looks like a spam bot submission. Since we try to stop spam bot submissions these submissions might get caught in the cross fire between Infusionsoft putting up additional security and spam bots trying to submit forms.

That being said a referral partner can be set on a contact’s record by using the data service to add a record to the referral table. Documentation:

DataService.add: xml-rpc - Keap Developer Portal
Table Schema for Referral: Table Schema Documentation - Keap Developer Portal

there is no referral/affiliate/partner code field in json API Keap REST API

i tested many fields like referral , partner_code , but API does not accept it
how i can enter affiliate/partner code when creating a new contact via API ?

Is this still not possible via the rest api? Would really be nice to add a refferal partner via the api…