Adding/updating referral partner/AffiliateId when importing a contact

Hello, I am not a developer…but my developer has had bad experiences with “community” help in the past on other applications so, I need to ask a question and then connect him with y'all…

We are sending traffic for a webinar through this link: Workshop Registration - Concealed Carry Breakthrough

That adds the affiliateId to the URL.

He’s scraping that affiliate ID and passing the contact record back to infusionsoft so that we can do affiliate tracking by email/contact as well as by cookie.

Except there doesn’t seem to be any way to import a contact record AND the AffiliateID field. He can add the “leadsource” field, but that does no good whatsoever for referral partner tracking.

Can you help him get it set up? I know there are probably 20 questions that you're going to want the answer to, but what I really need is for you to say something really intelligent that I can share with my developer so that he can contact you directly and I can get out of the way. THEN, he can provide meaningful answers to any technical questions you have.

Thank you!

Point your Developer to the “Referral” API Table as shown below.

You can add referral entries into that table.

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okay, on this same question (knowing that the Referral table is what is needed) is there a way to pass this information while creating a new contact using Zapier?

Pass the affiliate/Referral partner ID into Infusionsoft from CF (2 - step order form, when only 1st step is filled out) via Zapier Create Contact zap… or an additional step we can take in that zap after the contact creation? (could really use very specific information on how to set this up)

A script can be written to achieve that using API calls. But I would like to get more detailed information on the requirement.

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