Updating Commission for Referral partners via the API

Hi All,

I’m working on a project where I need to update commissions for Referral partners when clients signups with their invitations.

My workflow is as follows,

  • Referral partner invites clients to register via my app (I create referral partners through the API)
  • When a client register through the invitation, I create a contact in Infusionsoft (IS) through the API

Now, I want to update commissions for each Referral partner when clients signup and pays subscription for each month. (I can track the signups and monthly payments through my app)

I do have Commission programs listed in IS. However my payments are processing outside of IS.

Can someone please help me to clear the following questions,

1- What is the best way of approaching this ?

2 - What are the API end points I should be looking in to ?

I’ve checked the API docs and unable to find anything that looks related to commissions.

I did check the forum and the closest I got was How to pay an affiliate’s commissions by API, But it is more about payout commissions, but what I want is to update/track commissions via the API

thanks in advance,




IS does not perform as an accounting platform and therefor does not provide a way to make actual payments to referral partners. Payouts must be managed outside of Infusionsoft. The options in the ledger involving payouts are only for the sake of registering the activity happening. There may be options to http post to a banking/accounting service or software to accomplish this automatically but this is not built into IS “out of the box”

Hi @Sameera, unfortunately there isn’t a way to modify commissions through the API. The only option I see is that you can add a commission override to an order using this method.