How to pay an affiliate's commissions by API

I need to pay affiliates’s commissions using APIs.
I didn’t found a specific API to do that, APIAffiliateService only permit to retrieve affiliate’s commissions/payments

Is there a way to do that?

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Hi @Andrea_Tasca,

Payouts in Infusionsoft are a “for record keeping” only event. It’s just to keep the books but does not trigger any actual payments to affiliates. That must be handled by you separately. You can generate reports or a csv file that can be used with some payment systems en masse but that would be it.

That being said, there is, therefor, no API methods for generating payments to affiliates or even clearing the payments from the ledgers.

So there is no way to “reset” affiliate’s “running totals”.
The only way is to insert a manual payment here
Is it right?

That is a missing feature to me, for example I can pay an Invoice by API but I cannot add a payment for the affiliates.

There is no payment feature, weather by API or within the interface, for affiliate ledger balances at all. Just the ability (only from within the UI) to balance the numbers (ie record keeping not action). I think IS wanted to keep that a human interaction thing but also, it would be a nightmare trying to account for a multitude of payout options in regards to the various payment methods or gateways that would have to be involved. Just surmising there but it would make sense.

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