How to automatically pay our sales rep


I would like to see if it’s possible for us to integrate our Infusionsoft application with a third party platform to automatically pay our sales rep on a weekly basis. Our sales rep has a user account on our Infusionsoft app.

Compensation formula: On a weekly basis, she receives 30% of everything she sells over $3452.

I spoke with Infusionsoft support and the support person said Infusionsoft can do bookkeeping for referral partners, but can’t actually pay them. Do you know of any third party app we could use to set up this kind of payment arrangement?

One more requirement: we would need this system to claw back payments if the customer had a refund.

Thanks in advance for any guidance you can share!


I’ve heard of some doing it with certain integrations like QB etc. Others export a list once a month and import that into something like Pay Pal to run the payments and then just record that they’ve been paid back in Infusionsoft. Beyond that I don’t know of anything more specific that is ready made for automating the payments.

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Thanks for your feedback, John.