Implementing Referral Partner Program in Infusionsoft Pro

Greetings, I’m excited about getting to know Infusionsoft and ways it can help to automate the sales and marketing of my Medication Call Reminder service. How can I implement the Referral Partner Program and E-commerce applications using the Pro versus Classic platform?

To start, pro/classic are one and the same. If you’re referring to the new vs the old then the new doesn’t have this implemented yet.

As to the old/classic/pro version, that’s a bigger subject than a post can provide. It involves setting up affiliate partners after the contact is created, then setting up the products they can earn commissions on, then setting up the commission structure(s), providing content and access to the portal for approved marketing material (this part is pretty basic but it’s there) and finally managing payouts which must be payed through a third party service (there isn’t a way to do payouts in IS but rather just apply the reporting of them having been done).

Hi John, thanks for the response. For further clarification, does that mean I can set up a Referral Partner Program in Infusion Classic and simultaneously use Infusion Pro?

Again, these are one and the same. Classic/Pro has functions for affiliate marketing and providing login and content for said marketing. The new infusionsoft UI does not as yet provide this.

Ok, thanks!