Question about the affiliate system

We’re looking to create a kid affiliate program. Where every kid in our program gets an affiliate link and instead of commissions kids get prizes for getting people in. Do you guys have the capabilities to do something like this?

You could create a $0 affiliate payout, just so you can track referrals, then build your automation to deal with how many referrals they have sent to you.

Hope that helps.


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Hey Jeff!

That’s amazing! Thank you so much for your help! Since this would be for kids, we’re looking for a simple process and system for them to use, and all the information they need to give to login would be their name and email address! Then the software should notify us when they reach a certain milestone too!

Do you think infusion soft would be able to work well with the process we’re looking to do?

Thank you so much for your help again!

There are some limitations to the system. It is primarily just for tracking and paying.
If you are going to go with robust features, you may need to look to 3rd party plugins to get the functionality you need.


Thats actually all that we need!!!

the kid affiliates should be able to track their progress and then when they hit a certain milestone, it notifies us so we can give them the reward/prize!

I think it should work!

how does the tracking look for the affiliate?

Under CRM - Reports, you can run reports to see whatever activity you’d like on your ‘referral partners’