Seeking help setting up referral partner program

I need to set up an affiliate program and I’m feeling very insecure with the referral partner interface. I can’t seem to integrate the different elements properly and I don’t want to launch this half-assed. Wondering if someone could walk me through the process?

I’ve set up a campaign with a form that the affiliate can submit. And I have a welcome letter. But I don’t know how to generate the specific link so the affiliate is tracked and I can pay commissions when sales are completed. Also I’m not sure what to send the potential affiliate to get them to sign up. Just send them an email with the form? Or put a form on my website and send them that?

I have a landing page for the actual program that I want to pay commissions to partners for selling. But I’m not sure how to seamlessly share that page with partners that they can use to entice clients to register.

Anyone out there who can help???

Thank you in advance.