Tracking affiliate conversions back to Infusionsoft

I hate to call people out publicly, but I’m not sure what else to do at this point.

We hired Juan Sutton ( to set up a sync between XCart (we’re on xcart 4.6.3, which doesn’t play nicely with Zapier) and Infusionsoft.

The sync runs 2x/day at 6AM and 6PM (or so that’s what we’ve asked for and what seems to happen).

Not stored in XCart and also seemingly not sent to Infusionsoft as part of this sync

  • Affiliate/referrer information.

We want to use Infusionsoft’s affiliate program, but have no idea how to get that data back to IS.

I spent a fair amoutn of time on chat with Infusion to see if there’s a way to set up some kind of conversion script on our order thank you page, but they’ve said that doesn’t exist.

I also read this post:

But I don’t think that script is going to send any kind of conversion data… I think it’s just going to let us track visitors behavior on our site, from inside of Infusionsoft. Someone please let me know if I’m wrong about that).

I just wish there was a simple conversion tracking script we could add to the thank you page that would grab the cookie and send the data over.

Anyone know of anything like that?

So, what we have at the moment

  • A sync with Infusion that works 2x/day (we have no idea how)
  • A developer who set up that sync who is unreachable/unresponsive
  • No way to use the Infusionsoft afiliiate program (but we would like to).

Any help/ideas/suggestions very much appreciated.

Just bumping this to see if anyone has suggestions?

Just bumping again. Any thoughts?

Hi @Jonathan_Kraft1 Sorry to hear about the issues you have had… If your affiliate (referral partner) programs have been setup correctly in your application, the integration should be able to pass a lead or sale affiliate in through the api when the sync happens. The logic for which referral partner gets credit will have to live where the orders originate. As long as you know which partner should be getting credit for the order, their id can be passed in and they should get a commission generated for that order.

Thank you for responding to this @Carlos_Ochoa.

Since we don’t know how the sync is happening, and have tried in vain to contact the developer who set it up, what would be the next step in getting a resolution?

Thank you!

No problem @Jonathan_Kraft1, in cases where the person that fulfilled on the work is not a partner, there is usually a small number options on things we can do. I have reached out to our internal partner team here and will keep you updated with the options we find.

Thank you. I will look forward to hearing from you. Again, in case it’s helpful, our cart is XCart 4.6.3.

Hi @Jonathan_Kraft1,

Sorry to hear your experience with someone has been difficult. I’m assuming that you have all the access to XCart, Infusionsoft and any server that a solution may be implemented on? It should be possible to track it down with that much. XCart will have a way to see where information is sent to. If sent to a server then a script would have to be at that location to facilitate the integration. This is the ‘usual’ approach.

You mentioned both affiliate tracking and conversion data. They are two very different subjects so I’m wondering if more specifics on what you are referring to with each, might be helpful.

@Jonathan_Kraft1 Is XCart a requirement or just the solution you chose originally? I have a WordPress plugin that syncs all of Infusionsoft’s e-comm functionality to WordPress including a mobile optimized shopping cart and affiliate tracking. It only takes 2 minutes to setup so we can quickly verify that it fits your needs. PM me if you want to explore that option otherwise you might be left with tracing thru all the code like @John_Borelli suggested.

It sounds like the custom code that was created may not be reading the tracking link cookies that Infusionsoft sets.

While I’m not an expert in X-Cart, it should be fixable with some JavaScript / PHP and potentially updating the code that is updating the data.

What’s needed:

  • Create hidden field within X-Cart called ‘affTracking’ to store the referring affiliate’s code

  • Use JavaScript or PHP to read value of the infusionsoft cookie named ‘affiliate’ + fill out hidden field mentioned above

  • On sync of orders- if affTracking value is present, also create affiliate referral accordingly

hope it helps