In need of advice on integrating WooCommerce to track referrals

I’ve been trying to set up an integration between a WooCommerce store and Infusionsoft. I’ve got Zapier set up to send the customer and order info, but it’s not pulling the referral info. I have the tracking links in Infusionsoft set up to direct to the product page on WooCommerce. What am I missing? Do I need to install code on the WooCommerce side to get it to collect the affiliate info? Do I have to use InfusedWoo?

I’m a bit lost, so any advice from others who have done this successfully would be much appreciated!!


I’m a huge fan of Zapier (I’m one of the few Zapier Certified Experts), but for what you are trying to do, I’d recommend InfusedWoo. InfusedWoo is 100% designed to be the integration between Infusionsoft and WooCommerce and it works really well. Also, InfusedWoo won’t ping you for ’actions’, like Zapier, so if you have any volume of traffic (or lots of steps inside your Zaps), you are going to be spending far more than the annual fee for InfusedWoo.


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I agree with Jeff. Just use InfusedWoo…much easier. :slight_smile: This is how it works though if you end up wanting to build something yourself:

Thanks for your help! I got InfusedWoo installed, and it works like a charm :slight_smile:

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