Referral tracking, promo codes, and WooCommerce

Hey everyone! So I’m hitting my head against a wall here - maybe some of you can help.

I have my Referral partner system set up in Infusionsoft - and I have it integrated with my WooCommerce site using InfusedWoo - this part works great. Sales are getting credited to the affiliate and commission generated.

The issue I’m having is getting a discount to apply for the customer when they buy through a referral. I really want to avoid them having to use the unique tracking link + enter a promo code. In this scenario, there’s no incentive for the customer to use the referral link. What would be ideal is if I could set up promo codes in WooCommerce, unique to each affiliate in Infusionsoft, so that the discount and commission could be tracked through that promo code. I haven’t been able to find a way to accomplish that.

My other idea was to basically clone my storefront to create an affiliate version of it (unlinked from my general site, and only accessible through the referral links), where the appropriate discounts are already applied. This seems like it could get messy though.

Do any of you have a better way to accomplish what I’m trying to do? Any input or advice is much appreciated!

Thanks in advance :pray:

hi Joshua I need to solve the exact same problem. Cant you tell me how you solved it?