Looking to link promo codes to referral partners/affiliates

I’m looking for a way to link promo codes to specific affiliates. IE: When a customer puts in a promo code (ME50) on a first level URL (123.com) then a specific discount can be applied (50%) and a specific affiliate or affiliate arrangement would get the credit (ME gets credit). This would essentially bypass the need for specific affiliate links when a promo code is used and/or ensure that anyone who uses the promo code (even on a main/non-affiliate link URL) gets credit for their sales.

Hi, @Jonathan_Lewis . Our friend @Tyler_Garns recently posted on his site about this. Give this a read. https://www.boxoutmarketing.com/infusionsoft/how-to-use-track-coupon-codes-to-referral-partners/

He goes into some good detail about the process, and how to approach this method of tracking if you happen to have a very large amount of affiliates.

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Hey James! Thanks for the quick feedback. This is an interesting solution although doesn’t really feel like it solves the issue totally. It seems to still force you having to create an extra step on the front end of the process by which the customer still needs to go to a different site to plug in the promo code to be redirected to the right affiliate link. We’re really looking for a solution that wouldn’t create any extra front end changes for the customer where they could still visit the main URL to get to the order form and enter the promo code as if they just got it in the mail or at a specific seminar and typed it in vs. having to go to a different front page to enter a promo code to get to the right affiliate’s page link. Maybe I’m misunderstanding some of this, but it still seems a little cumbersome in it’s implementation.

Thanks for the mention @James_Mefford

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@Jonathan_Lewis is it just that you need tracking? Because if so, then just using an affiliate link out of the box will track back to the specific affiliate and calculate commissions for you.

Or do you HAVE to have the promo code tied to an affiliate? If you do this, and you don’t also send people through a unique affiliate link, Infusionsoft will not calculate commissions for you. You’d have to manually determine commissions based on promo codes.

Promo codes and affiliate tracking are two entirely separate functions in Infusionsoft.

Hello Jonathan! I was looking for the same information and think I found an answer. Like yourself, we wanted % commissions to be based on the amount PAID, not full product amount. This is done when setting up the Promotions! Just check the “yes” box for discounting the referral partner’s commissions

Hope this helps!!
Happy new year =)

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Hi Rachel! Thanks for the feedback. I was basically trying to bypass the need to use the long affiliate URLS by associating Promo Codes with different affiliate arrangements. The best way we found was to use tinyurl.com to make smaller urls that could easily be associated with specific affiliates and easier to remember if used in a live presentation. Thanks for the info none the less!