What is the best way to integrate WooCommerce + Infusionsoft?


I’m looking for the most efficient way to connect my store platform (WooCommerce) with Infusionsoft. I bought a plugin (C4WC) that was supposed to allow the two to talk to one another but it is clunky and only does about 80% of what I need it to.

I’ve heard Zapier is helpful but I’m looking for some feedback from anyone who might already be doing this. I want to be able to trigger campaigns, tagging, and un-tagging based on purchases. This is proving to be tricky without fully utilizing the Infusionsoft e-commerce module.

Secondary question: If I do end up going with Zapier, does this eliminate the need for the Infusionsoft e-commerce module?

Thanks for any insight!

Emma, Lady Farmer

Hi Emma,

You could work out something to not use the Infusionsoft e-Commerce module but I would probably hang on to it. Having that extra order data in one place is probably worth the extra fee. However, you could use Zapier to trigger tags in Infusionsoft without the eCommerce module possibly.

What is your plugin (C4WC) not doing that you want it to do? Have you tried other woo commerce to Infusionsoft plugins? I want to say there are a few of them out there.

Hey Joey,

Good points. I’ll hang on to the e-commerce module for now at least to make sure I can set up Zaps to do everything I need (am working on a trial at the moment) and won’t downgrade until I’m sure I really don’t need it. Seems like a helpful thing to have, though.

C4WC for some reason did not import all of our products from Woo, and while I’ve chatted back and forth with the developers about this, it hasn’t been fixed. It also won’t allow me to specify variations (SKUs) within products, which is something I’m looking to do. It also hasn’t properly translated the store “Categories”, for instance, if I want to tag the purchase of a type of product instead of a specific SKU…it only offers me 3 categories where I have 7, and they have odd names. I’m not sure where it is pulling those from.

I’ve looked around a bit for some other plugins, but I’m becoming more wary of plugins that aren’t well-reviewed and widely used since I’m learning what it means to become a bit at the mercy of far-off developers.

I’m hoping the Zapier solution works for now, but I also know that there must be a more seamless way!

Thank you!

If you are still looking you can check out InfusedWoo. I have used this several times with good success. I am not sure if it covers everything you need it to but you can get more information at https://marketplace.infusionsoft.com/listing/infused-addons-infusedwoo.

There is a plugin i think that can solve your problem : https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-infusionsoft-integration/20544831

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