How to pay out Commission to Sales Reps

Hey guys,

I have a team of 4 sales reps and 3 SDR’s that all get paid commission on sales they make. It has become increasingly challenging to pay them out commission now that we have a larger team.

The reps get paid based on the payments actually made. So if the order is $1000 and the customer pays in 4 monthly payments of $250 the reps get paid the commission percent on each payment actually paid. We pay this commission monthly.

I am currently running order and payment reports and using tags specific to each rep to identify which payments are for which rep but this is getting very time consuming and sloppy in spreadsheets. I am missing little things and overpaying as I am not able to easily account for payments that were refunded and must be clawed back.

I have a referral partner program setup so I can not set them us as referral partners as Infusionsoft will not let me have two partners on an order.

I would love to find a solution that works exactly like the referral partner program built into Infusionsoft as this would automatically calculate commissions and deal with clawbacks.

Does anyone have a way they pay out sales reps commissions that may be simpler or have any ideas?