How to manage commission rate in infusionsoft for the referral partner?

we had a situation where we want to apply two sets of commissions based on certain condition
if the person is in tag a, he will get 40% commission
if the person is in tag b, he will get 50% commission
How to achieve this

Who is the ‘Person’ with the tag in this example. Is it the customer, or the referral partner?

I am guessing the customer, but want to make sure.

it will be the affiliates…
so if affiliates purchase certain product i will put them in tag B, then they will get 50% commission

Otherwise if they dont purchase that product, they will be in default Tag A and then will get 40% commission…

How to achieve this ?

Quite a few ways you can do this. @James_Mefford can probably offer a more elegant solution using the campaign builder. What I’d do is:

  1. Set up two commission programs (e.g. Bronze program earns 40% and Silver earns 50%.)
  2. Add everyone to the Bronze program
  3. Now, set up a product-specific purchase action that removes them from Bronze and adds them to Silver when the purchase is successful.

This is how mine is set up. I have a purchase action that runs this action set:


I am going to play around with this for just a bit, to see if I can come up with the best solution. Thanks for the info on the example @Naveen_Sharma

What I am looking into, is creating a ‘Create Referral Partner’ action set, to utilize in a campaign. I may have a few more questions as I test some behaviors of how we could use this action set idea.

A question I have up front, surrounding some of your variables in this scenario @Naveen_Sharma

You mentioned an affiliate purchasing a product to get a tag to receive higher commission. Is this an option they have when they are signing up to be an affiliate, or do existing affiliates have the ability to purchase this product to get the higher commission? Or both?

Alright! So, my test of Action Set behavior worked great! Let me share.

So my tests surrounded the idea that I could update an existing referral partner via a campaign, triggered off of a tag application, that ran an action set to ‘Create Referral Partner’ that I created before laying out the campaign.

I created an action set that ran an action to ‘Create Referral Partner’
This action set was configured to remove from ‘commission 40’ program, and add to ‘commission 50’. If this action set is ran on a contact that is already an affiliate, it won’t create a new affiliate. Instead, it will update the existing affiliate.

If you used this idea, you would be able to apply a tag via purchase action, when the affiliate buys the product that ups their commission. This tag would allow them to trigger a campaign that could run the action set to remove from the 40% program, and add them to your 50% program.

My tests also gave me some information that might help with any different variables that you might have in your setup.

Let me know what you think of this, and if you have follow-up questions on this @Naveen_Sharma. I think what you are trying to accomplish is totally doable.

Also, Thanks @martinc your post was the basis of what I’m put together here.