Recurring PayPal payments in InfusionSoft

We had a store on another platform that we are shutting down in favor of WooCommerce, which is tied into InfusionSoft. We have around 1200 people or so who are getting charged monthly for a subscription and it’s all done through PayPal. When the customer would make their payment, PayPal would then simply send a token which basically told us that a payment was made, so we could keep their subscription going. If a payment didn’t get received, the subscription would get turned off. Well, we’ve moved everything over to IS now, and those subscriptions are still happening but we have no idea how to get that information into IS and into the customer’s contact record. We are desperate for a solution. I know it’s probably pretty simple but we’re not super developers and have a general understanding of how this stuff works but need that extra little push sometimes!! I guess I just need to know what info I need from Paypal, and how to get that info into the customer’s records. Thanks for any help!

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You aren’t going to get that info over into Infusionsoft natively (through their merchant services).
You would need to use a 3rd party like Zapier or Integromat.

I’m a Zapier Certified Expert and we’re wizards with Integromat. If you need help getting that setup, please email me directly.



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