Paypal subscriptions—failed payments

Hi, I asked this before but didn’t get any response, hopefully someone can help.

We have paypal integrated with infusionsoft and use it where e.g. a customer pays for a product on a subscription basis with two monthly installments.

If the second payment fails, paypal (or maybe should be infusionsoft?) does not appear to retry them. Nor do we appear to get any notification if the payment has failed.

So two questions:

  1. How can we retry for payment failures for a recurring billing instruction for a paypal customer?
  2. How can we set up say a task if the second paypal payment has failed?


First, make sure that your subscription is set to retry payments (inside the subscription setup it has # of retries and how often to retry).

Then, if you go into ‘ecommerce – settings’, you can choose ‘billing automation’

There, you can set up what happens when a payment fails. You can apply tags, etc.

Hope that helps.


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The only way to get PP to work this way is to NOT use pay pal express. They have a product that is called PayFlow Pro which works as a normal merchant account in Infusionsoft and will allow it to behave the same as any other.