How to integrate paypal with infusionsoft through api?

Hello, I am using php isdk to make payment from my website.
And making payments from my website through card, everything is working fine.
Now I want to give users the option to make payments through paypal also(means user can make payment by either card or paypal).
But I am not getting anything in api. Can you please suggest me how to implement this and also my payment is recurring type.

You cannot. The best you can do with paypal is to get a tokenized response. By design PP isolates the user from you having access to their payment information. PP will send you a purchase token the confirms they paid (if they payed) but nothing more. You will not be able to get their payment information from PP and it will not identify payment failures for you in any direct way. The best you can do with it then is to simply apply those payments to orders in Infusionsoft when they do happen and then followup your workflow to prompt the customer to try again.

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And also if we update the record in infusionsoft and add the recurring order than there is also requirement for credit card id, how we can achieve this. And also how to charge user if he/she uses extra resources of our website than his quota.

You can’t create a subscription/recurring order with pay pal for that very reason. The customer would actually have to go into their paypal account and set it up or authorize it. If you get payflow pro (a paypal product) then paypal could run in IS as a merchant account. That would be the only realistic paypal option for what you are asking.

We are using PP IPN service to create custom order in IS with manual Payment for both subscription and one time products, You can not use PP integrated in IS merchant area