Can we charge a user from his paypal account through api?

We are running a website in which user signup either from our website or Infusionsoft order forms. And if a user uses some extra resources than we will charge him with his credit card. But if a user pays through Paypal then we don’t have his/her card details.

So my question is can we charge a Paypal user as we charge a user by using his credit card(we get his card details from Infusionsoft and charge user through API). And if yes, then how ?


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Paypal has a button option that gives you code to place on your website to use Paypal with. So the user clicks the PP button, and if they successfully pay then you get a token that represents validation of the payment. When that happens you can then use the api to register the payment as a manual payment for the order you would also have to create with the api. So essentially, you are managing the communication between your website and PP for payment and then you are managing the communication from the website to IS for creating and registering the payment in IS.

@John_Borelli, actually I want to get this done without user’s interaction(without user’s click on a button) as we did with user’s card (if user signup with his card rather than Paypal).


We have told you what you need to know about paypal and how it works. It’s not something that you can just make work the way you want it to. If the answer doesn’t suit what you want then you probably should look for a different option. But continuing to look to do something in a way that you have been advised many times will not function the way you want it because paypal is it’s own product, isn’t going to change the answers. paypal runs on it’s own from it’s own servers…not on your server and not on IS servers. You must deal with it separately. You can not integrate with it. You have to just call it. I don’t know what else to tell you if you don’t want to accept the answer.