Payment gate integration

Can anyone please advice me on how to integrate “PayPal Website Payment PRO” payment gateway? I was told that it is supported, signed up with InfusionSoft just to find out that the only way how to integrate is via API. I’ve had InfusionSoft for 3 weeks, most of the time I spend with support, and I am paying for something I cannot use. Any help is deeply appreciated.

I was able to find some more information here:
But it seems that API fields for Username, Password and Signature has moved in the meantime.
Does anyone know where to?


Hey Jan,

What kind of integration do you need?

Just grabbing contact and payment information from PayPal when a payment is made and putting that info into Infusionsoft is pretty simple. We (Novak Solutions) have a plugin that we can make available to you that handles this for you. It just uses the PayPal IPN notifications, so it’s really simple and really reliable.

If you need a more detailed integration, then it’s definitely a more involved operation.

Infusionsoft supports PayPal out-of-the-box, but only in the way of accepting PayPal as a payment method on your order forms and shopping cart. Taking an existing website that uses paypal and registering the orders with Infusionsoft is a different ball game.

If your sales are simple, you can just swap out your existing purchase forms with Infusionsoft order forms and do away with the pay-pal dependency.

You have a lot of options - if you want to give more details on what you have or talk to a certified partner for a consultation (not me, I’m a developer), then I’m sure you can find a good, simple solution to get the best of Infusionsoft working for your business.

Hi Jordan,

Thanks for your reply. What I would like to use is “PayPal Website Payment PRO” (not Express Checkout, not Payflow PRO) and add it to InfusionSoft. It allows people to pay without logging into their PayPal account, just by using their credit card. Similar to Payflow PRO. But when I go to Payflow PRO, there are fields User, Vendor, Partner and Password. Which I don’t have and I cannot have in my country (checked with PayPal) - I only have PayPal API Username, Password and Signature - just like on the picture in “InfusionSoft, Step 4” on this link:
And I don’t know where to put this information. According to printscreens in the article, it was possible, but it is from 2014. And now I don’t see this option in InfusionSoft any more.

With OntraPort this works fine - just entered API Username, Password and Signature.

Switching from PayPal to another provider also isn’t really a solution for me since I am not from the US and the offer in my country is limited.