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We have recently started using a third party shopping cart (Spark Pay) and would like to use Infusionsoft for our drip emails. We need at leave 4 different campaigns.

  1. Pre-purchase
  2. Post-purchase
  3. Cart abandonment
  4. Long term nurture

The biggest road block we are running into is how to let Infusionsoft know when to move someone from the pre-purchase sequence to the post-purchase sequence. We are unable to use web automation because our order confirmation URL contains a variable (the order number).

Any ideas and suggestions appreciated!

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It looks like SparkPay has an API, which means that someone could write the API code to connect the two platforms. It’s possible that an integration already exists, but either way, I’d contact Jason from Washmo Media. He’s brilliant, and his niche is designing and building e-commerce integrations (and he does a lot of work with Infusionsoft).

Here’s his website if you want to reach out: