Is anyone using an ecommerce system with infusionsoft

We need a lot more flexibilty for payment and subscription plans. Is anyone using an ecommerce application that allows that and is still integrated with IS?

Thanks, Mark

Hey, @Mark_Lauber. I would start by looking at BigCommerce and Shopify as we have Partners who offer direct integrations with them - BigCommerce and Shopify. Hope that’s a start for you at least. :smiley:


I also am wondering about this. More specifically, is there another ecommerce platform that will allow us to use our current merchant service account (First Data) instead of having to switch to stripe or paypal while at the same time providing easy build pages and flexible order forms that can be embedded on our webpages? Since we’re already paying a good deal for Infusionsoft, I don’t want to break the bank for another piece of software.