Memberships with recurring payments/Shopify

We have recently moved from WP to Shopify (don’t recommend it AT ALL), where you pay extra for ‘Apps’ to do even the most basic things. We have memberships, 3 levels, annual or monthly recurring payments.

There is an app for that, but it does not communicate with Infusionsoft, and does not even count a sign up or payment in the Orders on Shopify (it’s only recorded within the app itself). This means we have no way to see the revenue as part of the whole in IS, and our related automations aren’t triggered.

It only goes through PayPal. We are not processing payments through IS, but through and PayPal.

Any suggestions on what we might use or how we might get a workable integration?

Thanks in advance!


Any chance you can swing to InfusionSoft for eCommerce (and ditch Shopify full stop) ?

InfusionSoft isn’t the greatest eCommerce system out there, but it certainly is good enough for a huge number business cases. I feel your pain, when we shifted to be primary subscription business, we ditched Shopify too.

Our InfusionSoft payment gateway configuration uses PayPal and

We sell 6 different subscriptions, as well as whole slew of one-time purchase products. We also use a mix of order_forms and custom store_front (on Drupal), for the check-out experience. When we first started on IS, we also used the hosted StoreFront, so if you use the Shopify StoreFront features, there is a solution available on InfusionSoft.

So if you want the Revenue reflected in InfusionSoft, I’d suggest investigate looking at using eCommerce components of IS.


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Hey Tyler - I wish it were that easy! We just transitioned from Wordpress/woocommerce to Shopify and there’s no way I could convince them to start over again so soon (as much as I dislike Shopify). Also - we are not a subscription site for the most part, maybe 5-10% of our revenue. We sell plants and other aquarium products.

I never even thought to ask Bold if it translated to Shopify orders because that seems like such a basic part of the way it should work. But - like most things in Shopify - there is no logic to why basic functions are not standard and must be integrated via app.

That said, do you know a membership/recurring app that will show up in Shopify orders so it translates to Infusionsoft.



We used Chargify to manage our Subscription in conjunction with Shopify.

While we were in transition, I had to export all order / invoices / payments to a database to construct the SalesReports.

At that time (2013 ), never found a solution for integration, and we moved away from Chargify / Shopify …

I don’t know what else has been added to landscape in that time, but dumping all the transactions to a database and constructing my own sales reports was the path of least resistance.

Good Luck.


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Thanks Tyler. We may just have t go that route.