Requesting API + Referral Partner Specialist

What I’m trying to accomplish: I want to credit the referral partner upon any sale when an order is pushed into Infusionsoft via the API.

The Problem: I am unable to pay commission to a referral partner when a sale is pushed in via the API. The referral partner will only automatically be selected as the “Lead Referral Partner” in an order and I need them to be automatically selected as the “Sale Referral Partner”.

My Request: I’m looking for any solution from an advanced Infusionsoft developer to help me get my referral partners paid a commission when an order receives payment. I’m one simple step away and my complete referral partner system will be working.

A Quick Video Showing My Request:

Please help, thanks to all that read. Be in touch.

Additional Questions that may need to be asked:
Can the referral partner be pushed in the URL?
Can we retrieve the referral partner (attached to the main contact record) via the API?

If I’m understanding you correctly, there are settings under CRM->Settings that may help:

If that doesn’t cut it then you may need in intermediary solution that would set the referral partner to be used on the way to completing the process (this would require some basic coding).

I’m not sure that the affiliate can be “pushed” in the url, but again it could be done with code and yes, the api can definitely read the referral partners both past and present.