"Referral Partner Referral" behavior and usefullness

In a Contact Search, the Actions menu includes the option of “Create Referral Partner Referral”, this seems to attach the selected contacts to a referral partner, but the only place I can find this relationship inside Infusionsoft is in the Referral Partner Referral report.
I ran a test, and new orders did not automatically attach to the assigned Referral Partner for commissions — so, what’s the point of the Referral Partner Referral feature and what is it useful for?

@James_Mefford I tested this as well and the partner did not get credit for the commissioned product. I set up the scenario, then did a shopping cart order and the referral partner was not tied to the order.

Testing this. Just to clarify, we are setting a referral partner manually to a contact, and then placing a shopping cart order for a product that referral partner should see commission on, trying to get the referral partner to show up in the order information?

That sounds right. If the contact’s orders are not automatically set to
the contact’s assigned referral partner, then what does assigning a
referral partner to a contact actually do?

Jordan, do you happen to have a specific example I can take a look at (A contact, and an order that did not list the affiliate you manually assigned) I will need your app name. I want to take a look at your settings to see if I can pinpoint the issue.

Also, another quick question surrounding your settings. In your CRM>Settings under Referral Partner Defaults, what is your current tracking method set as? Is it ‘Cookies Only’ or ‘Referral History and Cookies’?

Just finished a series of tests, because the thought is, if I set a referral partner manually via the action, and then that contact places an order, the referral partner should appear on the order. I was able to get this to happen, and also pinpoint a couple reasons why it might not happen.

In your CRM>Settings>Referral Partner Defaults, you will need to ensure that the tracking method is set to ‘Referral History & Cookies’ and not just ‘Cookies’ as a manual referral partner being set on a contact will not have any cookies to work off of (I am sure you know that.)

The affiliate needs to be active, and not inactive (The only reason I listed this is because I ran a test with a test affiliate who was inactive).

And the affiliate will need to be a part of a commission program that pays out on the product you are placing test orders with.

The successful test I ran included the following: Setting a contact affiliate manually through the 'Create Referring Referral via the action, ensuring that my CRM>Settings>ReferralPartnerDefault tracking method was set to Referring History & Cookies.
I then placed a test order for my contact, and the order came through with my affiliate attached.

I performed the same test but changed my Referral Tracking Method to just cookies, and the order did not include the affiliate.

I would say loop in and double check that your referral tracking method is set correctly, as this should work the way you think it should.


My referral tracking method was indeed set to cookies only. After I changed that setting, it worked as expected.

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Thanks for all of the testing and feedback. This answers all of my questions.