How to sync infusion soft on my web site with my account

I would like to sync the web forms I have currently on my site (Infusionsoft Official Opt-in Forms) with my account here. I am looking to manage visitor interest and engagement to services I offer by matching contact lists (tags) to build my lists and manage my relationships. Any direction is appreciated.

Hi, @Ronald_M_Allen, I’m not sure I’m clear on your question. When you say, “account here” do you mean your Infusionsoft Community profile?

Good evening Martin. Thanks for your reply.

Linking visitors coming thru my website Form with my Campaign specific
Contacts in my Infusionsoft CRM account.

@Ronald_M_Allen. If your forms have been created using the Infusionsoft Official Opt-in Forms, you can connect them in the campaign builder and assign tags to segment your list based on the form your contact submitted on your website. Make sure your API Key and App ID are connected in the WordPress plugin under “Settings”. Then create a new campaign and make your starting goal the “WordPress Opt-In” icon followed by your sequence. See this quick clip on connecting your active Infusionsoft Official Opt-in forms to a campaign here… Infusionsoft Quick Tip - Connect WP Infusionsoft plugin to your campaign - YouTube

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Thank you, Sara, for your help. will begin to set this up later this
evening and advise accordingly.

You’re Welcome. Have a great day.:+1: