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I have a templated website that uses a contact, quote, schedule form. I would like when someone submits a form that it go into infusionsoft and start a campaign. I have contacted my web guys and they say that their forms are custom built and that I would need to add some type of tracking script to the landing pages of my forms. Does this make sense? Can someone help me?

One doesn’t have anything to do with the other. Two things are mentioned. Submitting updates to infusionsoft as a result of the webform(s) being submitted, and page tracking. While tracking may come into play if you also wish to record leadsource on the contact, it is not necessary to have tracking if all you’re concerned about is getting the contact into infusionsoft and then doing something like applying a tag so that a campaign will start running on them. This is accomplished with the api and tracking is a much different matter. Are you looking to do both or do I understand your objectives correctly?

Wow, you guys are so smart! I’m new to infusionsoft so my goals and terminology may not be accurate. Also, when I get started, I’m sure that I’m going to see more applications such as you mentioned with tracking lead source.

My desire is when someone submits a quote request, their information goes into infusionsoft which will send an automatic response saying " thanks & etc" with maybe a video and a lead magnet to get them to opt-in for more communication. Once in my “web”, I can market to them in other ways.

Does this help?

So, with the api, any custom web design can be programmed to update infusionsoft with the contact. The quote can be represented as an unpaid order but the actual ‘quote’ function in infusionsoft does not yet have an api equivolent. To start marketing, followup and workflow management, all that needs to be done is to raise/apply a tag and have that campaign set to start for any contact that gets that tag triggered, which the api can do.

Make sense?

Thanks John, but no it doesn’t make sense. Can you, your company or someone else help to get this going with my website?

Sorry @Tim_Evans,

It’s easy for me to speak code and automation but hard sometimes to remember not to make assumptions. Hazard of my field I guess. Yes, I do integrations all the time. I’m our companies lead programmer and we’ve done many integrations involving a wide range of 3rd party products and website designs.


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Tim did you get this worked out? We’re having a similar issue.


We did find a way to get the contacts into IS but that is a specific website and service. What website/service are you looking to have integrate into IS?

​We’re actually using an email parser. Currently checking out Parsey unless
you have any other suggestions?​

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Hi @Corey_Ussery,

So yes, the only solution that TCS support offers is the emailed templates. Sending to Parsey is the most realistic thing to do. However, Parsey can only do so much with the information as it’s designed in a specific way. Our solution was to have Parsey then forward that information to a script that would be able to handle more specific tasks using the IS API.

Make sense?

LOL Tim - Every time they post I feel like crawling under my desk!!!