Passing data from website form to Infusionsoft via API

I want to pass form data from a custom html website into Infusionsoft.

First Name
Last Name

I want to pass those securely into Infusionsoft as custom fields, create a new contact, and kick off a campaign via a tag as a result of that action.

Sounds like I need to use the API for that.

Any recommended steps for doing this?

Anyone offer this as a service?

Hey Jonah,

There are 2 ways to do what you are saying.
If this is going to be kicked off by a customer filling out the form on their own, then you can use a regular Infusionsoft webform and just use their HTML code option to install the form on your website. You get a lot of options that way to make the form work with your website layout. It sounds like this is what you need in this case.

If you are going to be collecting your leads in some other way (as in, they aren’t filling out the form directly on your website), then you can use the API to push the information into Infusionsoft. NovakSolutions offers a simple API bridge for doing this. Instead of coding in an API integration on your back-end, you can just send a HTTP Post with the data to an endpoint provided by NovakSolution and we handle pushing that data into Infusionsoft for you.

Thanks, Jordan. That’s good to know. I am sending you an email now to learn more about how we could get that API bridge to work.

I use Zapier or Parsey to all my APIs and forms that I need to connect to IS.