Collecting Information between forms & website

We are in the process of building a way for us to collect information (subscriptions, downloadable resources, etc.) and are curious if Infusionsoft is able to link with our website platform, Mezzanine (with a Django framework)? It’s ideal if someone can fill out their name, email, etc. and that information goes directly into our Infusionsoft database to add them and tag them. I know we could maybe create the form and embed the code, but is there a way to build forms within the site?

Or what is the best or only solutions for that?

Basically, does Infusionsoft act as a plug in towards this platform just as webpress or does it have that feature? Thank you!

Infusionsoft currently does not have an official Django plugin, but after some judicious Googling it looks like someone made one a few years ago that you could try out?

If not, you can always integrate with the Infusionsoft API yourself via the API, although that does take some development work. If you do decide to go that route, we do have certified partners in our Marketplace who might be able to help.