API & Embedding codes

Hey API Community,

I am revamping my website and have built a landing page with a data collection form

I want the landing page to be able to collect data and integrate with Infusionsoft. So I created a form in infusionsoft with the same details as in the Landing page and send the embed code to my developer. When he embedded the code, instead of the landing page communicating with the form, it simply pasted the form on the landing page and distorted the design.

How can i maintain my web design but still have it communicate and share information with infusionsoft CRM

Will appreciate your advice.

Instead of sending your dev the link you might want to try the approach of copy/pasting the unstyled code.

OK so if i do that, My landing web design will no longer be altered by the infusionsoft form?

Is that what you mean.

Here is the feedback from my developer.

We implemented the CRM codes you gave us, like an Iframe, it called the information displayed from Infusionsoft, that is to say, it pulled the below screen and displayed it on the website, instead of passing the values filled in the website form to your CRM as it is supposed to work.