Posting to a third party web form

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I’m working on a project to SEND contact information from Infusionsoft to a JV Partner’s system via their web form.


  1. Visitor to website fills out form to register for webinar and becomes an infusionsoft contact.

  2. Infusionsoft contact watches the webinar and is then invited to join Partner’s webinar (curently process requires them to fill out a web form on partner’s site - currently 75% drop off from click to partner’s form completion)

  3. Contact clicks on a button in the email which sends data to partner’s web form via an http post.

  4. Contact is now registered in Partner’s CRM (not infusionsoft - something custom)

I have read that I can do this using an http post however, it’s not working and someone suggested I write an api script to send this contact data. I’m only sending Name and Email address.

Should be simple but… apparently not for me.

Any help or recommendations to a link I haven’t found would be great.



It’s a bit difficult to advise because we don’t know your level of understanding to this point of the process and what you know about programmming (presumably in php?) and the process of sending and then receiving form data/parameters etc. Also, there are three versions of the api to use and they all have differences in there use.

Thanks John,

ICC with 7 years experience and very strong skills with IFS and CB,

As for programming, not so much. I’m great at following directions and editing something already in place.

Right now, I have been able to copy their landing page code onto a page I host so I have complete access to the page, and the hosted form within that page.

I also have a campaign built out with an HTTP post which is trying to write to the form.

The Post URL I’m using is the form url
and I have stripped out the variables required such as name, email, partner id (a fixed partner id field 1234)

I was told I can put a script in the directory containing the page with the hosted form which the infusionsoft HTTP post can call which will then right to the web form.

One thing also someone pointed out is that the hosted form uses

Does this make sense?


ok so as far as the get method goes, within IS you will have to provide your parameters on the url line. So in your case it would be something like

That is to say that using the parameter list found in IS http post under the url will send is as a POST request method rather than a GET.

The PHP script would need to receive the data from the post then using $_GET[‘email’] and $_GET[‘firstName’] there should be an underscore between $ and GET (just going with the current example but the parameter names can be what you make them).

From that point forward it would be all about taking that information and running an api method.

The different api methods require different authentication and have other details that would vary in use, however.


ok so would that be like this$_GET[‘email’]=~Contact.Email~&$_GET[‘Name’]=~Contact.FirstName~

something like this:

The $(underscore)GET is in your code. The url is email=value&name=value

so replace the name/email values with the merge codes

Thanks @John_Borelli,

ok, so I might be missing something here…

Do I only have to do this in the HTTP Post url

like this… 2017-06-05_0107


Do I have to create a php file? if so, how do I do this?

The current url is the url I received from an inspection of the hosted form.

I have also looked at this code here…

so, not exactly sure what i need to do next.


So the url is now correct. You don’t need all the parameter names in the list underneath as they are past through the url (although it shouldn’t “hurt” anything). As to the php script it points to, yes it would require receiving that information and with code, using the api to do anything with it.

Going by your questions, that is a much bigger matter to explain as it amounts to teaching someone how to program in PHP. In the context of this forum, the best I can do is to point you to some examples and documentation.

thanks for your help…

Did you ever figure out a solution? I am wanting to do something Similar

Hi, @dwayne_sequeira,

The solution is known and can be done, but it is just a bit much to “teach” someone how to become a programmer so that’s where this post stopped, but it can be done :wink: