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I am working with a company called Home Advisor, we purchase leads from them. They have a web form on their website that prospects fill out, and I would like to sync their web form to the infusionsoft web form. I send them the code but they said they need a post feed web hook which is a URL where to direct leads to. For their XML feed, they do a simple “x-www-form-urlencoded POST- what do I send them, can someone help me?


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There isn’t a simple way to post content to your Infusionsoft application; due to security and spam concerns all traffic should be channeled through the API, which is a bit more involved.

If you are looking for a Developer Partner to work with you on this, we do have The Marketplace available for you to peruse.

??? I was told if a website has an open API they can easily send contact info through to Infusionsoft. We were able to do it with our company website. I just need someone that our contact at Homeadvisor can speak directly to get this done. An email address I can send them?

If you are working with with a third-party application developer, they can find our API documentation at Keap REST API to learn how to integrate with Infusionsoft.

Hi Janet,

I develop integrations to Infusionsoft literally every day of the year lol The terminology “…a website has an open API…” is a bit simplistic (probably by design) as there generally is no way to know what methods or technology resides on the receiving end. I know that’s a bit confusing in one respect. The sum of it is that a developer would have to create what’s called an end point that they could send the XML data to and that knows how to take that information and send it into you Infusionsoft application correctly. It’s something that’s done every day but, of course, not something that non-programmers would really hear much about normally.

Hi John,
What would be the way to go about getting this done?

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Hi @Janet_Guerriero,

Sorry for the delay. I had a large scale project I was on. So the process begins with assessment. The source of information is very important. This could be a Wordpress site, a third party system (MLM’s, Membership etc) but in the case of what you have indicated, it would have to be determined what options their webform permit for communicating with the outside world. Then, looking at the other end, what your goals are. Usually more than just getting a contact into Infusionsoft, often it is desired to raise a tag, set an appointment or task, create notes, kick off marketing or workflow campaigns etc. Then the programmer goes to work designing how that interface and it’s actions would work.

Does that ‘fill in some of the blank’ for you?