Webhook for an infusionsoft API

I need an endpoint that receives an email address that does a lookup and generates an API call. How do I do that with infusionsoft?

can you elaborate you question plz?

I have forum software that needs to be triggered by a new contact record in Infusionsoft so that software will then pull info from Infusionsoft to create an action set on the forums side using data from the Infusionsoft Record.

in this case you will have to create endpoint URL at you server, e.g https://yourdomain.com/webhook.php etc , you can send contact ID from campaigns (SEND HTTPS POST) or REST Hooks at this endpoint URL, after successfully receing the contact ID you can use it to do anything via API.

Is there a way to do it all inside infusionsoft? I’m not savvy enough to change my site with the php code

You can user third party apps e.g zapier for that

cool will do.