Webhook (Add a contact)

Hi, unfortunately I’m a neophyte.

Could you show me, in very easy way, how can pass a new contact from this form ( businessincloud.co see attach)

to Infusionsoft.

I read alla the documentation but I don’t understand it very well.

What link i have to insert into “URL” field? Set I “POST METHOD” or " PUT"? What about last field “State” ?

Thank you so much

IS doesn’t really have a way for that to directly be used but if you check out Zapier, it can take that post and then update Infusionsoft for you. Otherwise it might require some code to point that post to.

Unfortunately Zapier doesn’t integrate “Business in Cloud”, is there another solution?

What is the url that I have to insert on “URL” field on “Business in Cloud” section, please?


If Zapier won’t receive it then there’s only one other way (that I’m aware of). By writing code and hosting it on a server, you can point the POST to the code and then that code will take the information passed to it and, using the api, update what even needs to be updated.