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We are currently working with a call center who will be taking incoming leads and posting them to our Infusionsoft instance. This call center is stating that I am the one needs to create the HTTP URL for them to post too through Infusionsoft. However, to my knowledge, Infusionsoft only provides and API and there is no form of HTTP URL generation.

Can anyone help to explain what next steps may be or if there’s something I’m missing?

I am a little unclear on what you are asking, but I think you are asking that the call center is asking for information on how to add contacts to Infusionsoft via the an HTTP POST. You have to use the API to do this, which is an HTTP POST. They will have to register as a developer and go through the authorization process to get an Access Token and a Refresh Token. This combination will allow them to indefinitely add contacts via the API as long as they keep their Access Token refreshed. I would have them checkout our Developer Portal

Yeah, what @bradb has said is right (as I read the post anyway). We’ve written these endpoints for people before but it’s not something someone is going to pickup in a couple of days. You’ll want to account for OAuth authentication, token management (which involves some database management), script validation to ensure the script isn’t called by bots or hackers and then, finally, the use of the api to create/update records.

@bradb I think this is exactly what I needed! Thank you so much for the clarification. Thanks too, @John_Borelli!

I’m new to Infusionsoft but one thing I’m curious about…

If, in the scenario described, this third party (a call center) registers as a developer wouldn’t they only be able to post to their Infusionsoft instance? It seems to me that the only way they’d be able to post to my Infusionsoft instance is if I gave them my API credentials and in looking at the API docs it seems like that could give them a little too much power over my data. Like doing so would give them the ability to retrieve campaign info, remove people from campaigns, manage appointments, manage opportunities, etc.

All I’d want this third party to do is to add contacts and nothing else.

What’s the best way to achieve this?

One possible way would be for me to create my own API endpoint that this third party POSTs too and then I POST their contacts into my Infusionsoft instance. But maybe there’s a better way?

No, registering as a developer give client secret and id. These are used to get a customer to authorize their app with and creates the connection between that app and the developer identified with those secret/id values. This then returns a token that represents that connection and can be used to request an access token for using the api with that specific app.

This vid might explain some of it in a bit more detail:

Hey, @John_Borelli - has this process changed at all in the past 2-years? I have a client making this same request today. We have a call tomorrow.

Hi, @Camille_Shieff,

To my knowledge, the only things about it that have changed is the time to live for the refresh token (I think it’s back down to 90 days now but might be mistaken about the time) and they allow for more than one way to send the request for the access token (but this method still works).

Thanks, John. You’re a gem!!


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