Http post + header fields

Hello, I want to post data to a URL, such as Where UniqueID, value1, and value2 are all coming in to infusionsoft from an API input.

I also want to pass in authorization header values, since the URL endpoint is locked down to specific users with specific passcodes.

How can I add a header field for Authorization and then the passcode value for that authorization field? Right now the httpPost action in Infusionsoft only appears to have a URL and then some query string key/value pairs that can be appended.

Also is it possible to append the UniqueID on each URL as they correspond to a specific value that is coming in to the system, which is actually a type of order id.

Hey @Jake_Lake, Campaign HTTP posts don’t allow configuration of headers. As long as the passcode doesn’t need to be kept out of site, I would recommend adding it as a url parameter in the http post configuration. You should be able to have your listening server parse the parameters and check for the expected passcode.

As far as the uniqueID on each url, you should be able to use the ~Contact.Id~ merge field, as these should be unique. If you are wanting something a little more precise, you would first need to populate a custom field with some key on each of your contacts. If that is not something you can do easily, you should be able to chain the mergefields together to form something unique such as ~Contact.Id~~Contact.FirstName~~Contact._customFieldValue~

" …I would recommend adding it as a url parameter in the http post configuration."

How, exactly, do you do that?

Hi, @Neal_Morse,

You simply follow the url with a ‘?’ and then the list of url parameter/value pairs separated by an ‘&’ (see the image as an example). So after the url, something like “?param1=paramValue1&param2=paramValue2…”