Getting issue in HTTP POST compaign

I have setup the webform with HTTP POST compaign.

I want to get the HTTP POST data in our webpage. When I submitted the form it will redirect to thank you page. How can I call my HTTP POST URL and how can I get the data in my webpage before thank you page redirection. I have set everything in infusionsoft compaign. But didn’t get data on my page.
My script is written in php

If you are referring to the “Send HTTP Post” inside the Campaign Builder, you specify an address for your endpoint and pairs of querystring parameters using the merge-field syntax. The values from the Contact record will be sent to the endpoint. However, the user will not be redirected to that page, the method is for integrating external functionality.


You have referred to both thank you page redirection and http posts…two very different things. You could use either but how they are used differs. Please clarify which you are actually using.

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