Send HTTP Post in campaign builder with direct redirect page and parameters included?

Hello guys, Beginner here
I’m working with the developer to integrate with infusionsoft

I would like to find a way to have user being redirected to the final point ( initiating bot ) like that

I tried to use HTTP Post in the campaign ( try and error ) and after browsing the forum I got an answer already

If you are referring to the “Send HTTP Post” inside the Campaign Builder, you specify an address for your endpoint and pairs of querystring parameters using the merge-field syntax. The values from the Contact record will be sent to the endpoint. However, the user will not be redirected to that page, the method is for integrating external functionality.

My question is what are the other options to consider to redirect the end user to the bot with those parameters?

We have already managed to make it work

but Not

Thank you

Hi, @Jarek_Bucholc_Street,

Is this the same question we answered on FB?

Yes thank you and the answer was
Hi, so the support response is correct. However, a link can be built and placed in an email to lead them or it can also be generated to allow redirect or a button from a webform outside of IS (or even using an IS webform).

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