HTTP POST in campaigns - variables

Wondering if possible when using Http Post in campaign sequence to send php session variables along with in in the url? Through the name / value pairs? I’m wanting to use it as a post back, with order and sales data generated in url parameters.

I don’t think you can do that in an actionable way (ie in a way that stores it with Infusionsoft for later use). http posts in campaigns do not accept data as a call back and so information doesn’t get sent back to Infusionsoft. You can, however, use the api to write the session data to a custom field when the order is placed.

Hmmm, ok, and that may work. Didn’t want to store it there, just pass it to the next page. It’s coming from a traffic source source on a landing page in the url, able to grab it with $_GET on the checkout, and just wanted to pass it to the next page…but it’s over a different server so session gets lost. So httpPost seemed to be a better solution.